Importance of Baby Toys in Baby’s First Year


Baby toys are not just what we see from the literal appearance; that is play objects, but they play a great role in early child developments stage. Once the baby is born, they when are brought in a completely different world where they are fighting to learn what is around them. In the first year of child’s development, they will grow there cognitive and vision abilities, as well as this, are the point when the baby senses develop.

The baby will get huge to explore every new thing that comes their way, their imaginative and motor skill tends to improves and all things become possible when you get the perfect play toy for your kid.

How will the baby toys I purchase impact the development of my little one? Is it a must I get my baby a play toy? Maybe you got these questions nagging your brain, well it’s understandable but once you skim through the summary below on the benefits the toys harbor, you will never surpass any toys you see in the toy shops.

Toys stimulate the baby's sense of touch, vision, and hearing

Baby toys are available with numerous surface textures and each time the baby comes in contact with different textures object, they will keep enough to get to know what it is and this helps improve their sense on tough. Plus, others features smooth thrilling sounds which will capture the baby attention as that play. Not only the sound-imposed toys, but the baby will also try banging any object that comes their way, this gets them exposed to different sounds which enhance their hearing abilities.

Baby toys lead to a physical development

While playing with the toys, the baby will try moving after those rolling toys and stretch out their hands to grab the hanging play balls and in the process, this leads to strengthening their muscles hence physical development. In the learning process with the toys, the baby uses their five senses which help them learn the strange world concepts. This leads to improvement of the motor skills is the parents present them with the appropriate toy in terms of safety and age-appropriateness.

Social development

Baby can be playing alone or bring them to their age mates as well as play with their mothers in the house. In the process, they will try sharing their toys with their friends, at times they will try fighting over an object and this helps them develop the skills of sharing and caring for others. As the toddlers’ play with their mothers, they imitate what they see their mothers do which helps develop their social skill that plays a role in the development of their personality.

It strikes their creative, imagination and dexterity skills

Every parent wishes that their baby become the best in the future, right? Then this will begins right from the choice of toys you choose for your baby. The play toys present the baby with a challenge which puzzles their minds in getting ways on solve the problem at the moment. For example, when we give the Legos, colored blocks and buildings block, they will try to build structures with the blocks and also assembling objects of the same colors together and this enhances their creativity in the long run.

Toys help the child to develops new concepts

When given the different colored and shaped toys, they will get to know the existence of different colors as their vision sense develops. Additionally, this gives the child the ability to differentiate between shapes as they grow up.

Toys help the baby explore and discover new things in the new world outside their mother's womb. How?

When the baby is playing alone or with their age-mates in the house, just like humans, they have that push of” what happens next if I do this?” with this urge pushing them as they interact, the toys will help in baby induction in the world’s reality out of the new discoveries they get from their toys.

Helps interaction and baby language

Rather than the baby imitating what the mother does especially when opening the books, some picture books will turn the pages automatically as they press a button, or when they turn the pages manually, the book reads the words by itself. This gives the baby the feeling of self-confidence, independence and reduces the interaction moments with the mothers.

Baby toys improve their movements and body coordination

The toys hanging from the top of the cradles will get the baby attention, this allows that develop the span of eye attention and coordinate the eye movements. The improvement in body movement comes along with the motor skills during the baby development.

Therefore, it’s evident that baby toys are not what most people view them to be from a layperson’s point of view. It’s more than a play gadget which explains why you must be vigilant in making the choice to add that product to your cart.

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